Using a Cane in Self-Defense

That Cane Is An Effective Weapon

As a 60 year oldgentleman I began to suffer from arthritis in my hip. Now I am a Self Defense Company Instuctor and I am always looking to improve my teaching and my own knowledge. So, I began my study of cane and stick fighting.

And I love adding new toys to my self-defense arsenal, so enters my walking cane. Now I am not to the point in my life where I need my cane to walk all the time but let’s just say I use it to my advantage. Ironically that cane often gets you on airplanes before the rest of the folks (which gets you prime space in those overhead compartments) so why not take advantage of the aging process.

Not to mention the advantage it would give you in a self-defense situation. But control of your stick is vital to its proper use.

We are preparing a new curriculum complete with video instruction, a printed manual, and of course an initial online training in our virtual dojo for those who are interested in learning more about cane self defense.

Why not send me an email with a request for information? and I will get back in touch with you once the curriculum is ready.

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