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Training: How Long is Long Enough to Become Proficient

Well, that is probably one of the toughest questions for any self-defense instructor to answer. Because one thing we all know is that in anything we do that “Practice Makes Perfect” but let me take that just one step further… “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect” .

You see it is simply not enough to learn a skill, let’s take woodworking as an example (see a carpenter is not a cabinet maker) the difference between the two is that the carpenter has basic knowledge of carpentry, but a cabinet maker is a true craftsman. Now both have a very specific function but if you wanted custom built cabinets for your house you would not hire a carpenter.

Well, the same holds true in self-defense training. You can learn a basic skill in a relatively short period of time but it takes practice to hone that skill, and practice takes time and effort on your part.

You can come in and take a single lesson and learn enough to be able to defend against an attacker, but if you never practice what you have learned you will never become truly proficient at the skill, and when the Shit Hits the Fan you will be lost. But follow up with additional lessons and training and you ingrain the skills into your mind so they become reflex reactions.

So how many lessons does it take to become proficient at any skill.-

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