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The Untrue Myths Behind Women’s Self-Defense

Over recent history, there have been a plethora of items marketed to women to dispel their fears of sexual assault or aggressive behavior toward them. Now some of these products are largely useless and are designed to make money preying on the fears of women. As an instructor within the Self Defense Company and creator of the Girls Night Out Self Defense Seminar curriculum I strongly disagree that “the self-defense movement” should be included in this list.

Programs such as Girls Night Out Self Defense, and many other offered throughout the country are effective not just in enabling and giving women tools to stop an assault once it has started but empowering them to set effective boundaries that will deter much of what women encounter daily in their everyday lives.  It is these events that actually lead to the fears that the marketers of these gadgets depend on for their bottom line in their marketing to their female patrons.

The best bang for the buck for women desiring to keep them selves safer and learning how to defend themselves would be in a high-quality, evidence-based, empowering self-defense class like the Girls Night Out Self Defense training seminars. These seminars and classes are expensive to put on, but the results are astounding. As a matter of fact, many people who conduct these trainings are aware from decades of providing these classes that those same types of programs are effective for teenagers and grown women alike. And yet, those programs continue to get short sighted in the media and the reporting on efforts to make women safer.

Classifying women’s self-defense seminars and classes alongside other irreprehensible gimmicks that prey on female fear is indefensible.

Culturally, some seem to have bought into the idea that women are physically incapable and need a protector or a rescuer. Well that is pure poppy cock.

Now of course then there are those who believe that we need to change men and although a no-brainer, men have been men for centuries, and you know the old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. And the sad reality of life is that predators don’t care what women think. We do great harm by not teaching girls and women brain-not-brawn responses to violence while it’s happening. Women can defend themselves and even beat down or discourage a larger and stronger opponent with the right mindset.

The lack of quality self-defense training, and the dumbing down of America as we fail to institute such training in our school systems that would teach young women the simple skills Mother Nature gave every female creature on Earth are to blame for many senseless random attacks and acts of violence against women.

Adopting an anti-self-defense mentality unconsciously feeds into the misconceived views of women’s inferiority. And if they are never exposed to true self-defense, they are denied their God given right to protect and defend themselves.

As I close this post please allow me to pose this final question if I may. Who benefits from persuading women to remain damsel-like? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that women surely don’t. But the predators do. You don’t need a black belt, or years of martial arts training to learn how to defend yourself.

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