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The Problems with #911 When the Shit Hits the Fan

Simply pick up your phone and dial 911 when you are in trouble, right?

WRONG. This simple action is not so simple in the stress of the moment. You are being attacked, or about to be attacked. Finding and getting your phone out, never mind being able to dial even the 3 number sequence 911 and pressing send would be near impossible.

But the difficulty doesn’t end there. Now you have to describe your situation for the operator on the other end of the line, that is if you were able to get the phone and dial 911 in the first place.

By the way, it is kind of tough to explain to someone on the phone that you are getting your head beaten in while the attack is in progress. If you don’t believe me have one of your friends start slapping you in the dome and try to pulling out your phone, and try dialing 611 (notice I did not say dialing 911, because if you are able to dial 911 and press send you are about to get a visit from your local friends in blue). so for the purpose of this drill let’s practice with 611 instead, that way if you are able to complete the dialing and press send while your training partner is playfully slapping you around you won’t need to worry about the men in blue kicking your door in.

So, what choice do you actually have?

Here at the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY of GREATER BOSTON we specialize in training our students in the basic concepts of close combat self-defense.

You might be asking yourself what is the difference between close combat self-defense teaching and what you would learn at your local DOJO?

Simply put training in any form of typical martial arts (and before everyone starts sending me hate mail, hear me out) requires years of training to become proficient enough to really defend themselves and end the conflict in the street. You see ion conventional martial arts (which by the way are now-a-days practiced as sport there are literally hundreds of moves and counter moves to learn and perfect, this type of learning requires complex motor skills, if he does this then I have to do that. That of course can work in a competition when you are paired up against a like opponent, same gender, same size. But that isn’t the way stuff goes down in the street.

We teach our students about situational awareness, and conflict avoidance and possible resolution. Now if that doesn’t work of course we teach them how to deal with any situation they might find themselves in with a few basic techniques that can be applied in just about any situation to neutralize just about any opponent.

These simple techniques require only gross motor skills. That is you do whatever is necessary to survive the attack.

We now offer a variety of courses to prepare you for the worst possible case scenarioG

This course is designed to teach women about situational awareness, conflict avoidance, and if need be just what it takes to send even a much larger attacker to their knees wincing in pain.

This course is taught to anyone who desires to learn the basic skills necessary to defend yourself when the shit hits the fan. It applies to men and women, both young and old.

This program is designed for families with children 5-11 and covers:

  •  Threat Identification
  •  Environmental Awareness
  •  Safe Haven and Safe Stranger Training
  •  Methods of Escape and Evasion from Larger Predators
  •  Communication Exercises
  •  Mindsetting
  •  Online Courseware


  •  Preteen to Adult
  •  Physical Training with Tactical Benefits
  •  Workout Oriented Training
  •  Low to Heavy Impact Circuits


  • The Cornerstone of all Self Defense Company programs
  •  10 Levels of Certification
  •  Covers all Aspects of Close Combat
  •  Threat Identification
  •  Escape and Evasion
  •  Empty Hand Techniques
  •  Weapons Defense
  •  Weapons Offense
  •  Improvised Weapons
  •  Ground Fighting and More…
  •  Online Courseware


  •  Complete Law Enforcement and Security Training Program
  • Situation Size Up and Control
  •  Threat Assessment and Response
  •  Weapon Retention
  •  Arresting and Cuffing
  •  Compliant with Use of Force Guidelines 
  •  Online Courseware


  •  Customizable Programs
  •  Small and Large Groups
  •  On site or Remote Location
  •  Private and Government Agencies
  •  No Obligation Quote

That is why we can make this bold claim:

Self Defense in a Fraction of the Time with the Most Advanced and Comprehensive Defensive Tactics Program in the World…
The Self Defense Training System.™”

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