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The Decision You Make Today Could Save Your Life

You Have the Responsibility for Your Own Safety

Unfortunately, in this crazy world, we live in, you never know when you might become the victim of some random act of violence. But is that attack really random? Here at the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston we teach only the best self-defense classes available. We teach true self-defense. Close Combat techniques that are used by police, the military, and special ops worldwide. There are no belts, no fancy little uniforms, just down and dirty self-defense.

You see the bad guy that is lurking down the street and preparing to attack you most likely has not just randomly picked you out of the crowd because criminals, for the most part, choreograph their attacks. They pick and choose their victims out of the crowd. And there are a few things that you can do to not be a victim.

First and foremost if you win the victim lottery it is most likely because you have let down your guard. You must always be aware of what is going on around you. This means walking along facechatting or texting on your phone is a BIG NO NO. Because while you are engaged in such behavior you are not paying attention to what is going on in your environment.

As you walk down the street don’t be afraid to make eye contact with the people you pass by. There are a couple of reasons that you want to do this. Understand that there are three things that criminals want to avoid at all cost.
1- Being Identified
2- Getting Caught in the Act
3- Getting Their Ass Handed to Them In the Conflict

So the reason you want to look people in the eye is that if you are looking them in the eye then you are seeing them, and if you are seeing them then you can identify them in a line-up.

The attacker will very rarely attack you in a crowd, although such crimes as purse grabs do happen on crowded streets all the time. The crowd offers the criminal cover and diversion so that they grab and run.

But the thing the criminal fears most is getting their ass kicked by a target. So, if you have a little bit of training (especially in close combat techniques) you stand a much better chance of surviving an attack if one were to happen.

So, what makes our system of self-defense training superior to other teaching formats that exist? Well, most martial arts train in hundreds of complex motor moves that mastering takes a long time. In some cases years. As opposed to the simple effective techniques in our system that can be learned in as little as one lesson. Now, of course, I am not meaning to say that we are going to turn you into a street ninja or a killing machine in one lesson. But we can teach you the basics of survival. Then it is up to you to develop those skills by practicing them.

Another drawback to conventional self-defense training is that most of this training is based on the countering of the attacker’s moves, in other words, the shit has already hit the fan and that is often too late.

You can now book lessons in our Virtual Dojo anywhere that you have an Internet connection and camera access.

You can choose a virtual introductory lesson for as low as $6.99 with me at BOOK AN INTRODUCTORY LESSON TODAY

Or if you are serious about getting started you can sign up for one of my Virtual Class Packages starting as low as $65.00 per month for ongoing training.

This online training option is an entry level and extremely affordable program that will enable you to accelerate your learning through the personal, one-on-one guidance by me personally as a Level-5 Self Defense Company Instructor.

This membership also includes:

  • One Live, Online Training Session Per Month (a $69.00 Value) with Dr. Carl)
  • We Will Customize a Training Program Just For You with Your Needs Addressed
  • Offering Adaptable Curriculum
  • Elite membership (a $19.95 per month value)
  • Unlimited Text and Email Support with Dr Carl
  • One Reschedule Allowed Every 3 Months
  • Cancel At Anytime

Your safety and personal self-defense is your responsibility, and it should be taken seriously, because you never know when you are going to be the victim, but what we do know is that most people at some time in their lives do fall victim to a random act of violence. So TAKE ACTION NOW and I will see you on the inside. Until then Keep Safe and Train Honestly.

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4 comments on “The Decision You Make Today Could Save Your Life

Love this. No bullshit. Straight to the point Self Defense. Great job.


Thanks Mr George, I had a great mentor. (For those who don’t know George was my mentor in the Self Defense Company)

Martin J

A great read Dr. Carl. Unfortunately this is a crazy world we do live in and I was attacked walking down the street a couple years back and wish I had known then what I have been forced to learn now. But thanks to you folks at the Self Defense Company I am much more confident in my ability to take care of myself. Best of Luck with the new school.


Thanks Marty,

We should set up a time to do a quick workout and check out the new location. Why not fire me off an email and we can set that up. or if getting together in person isn’t possible why not check out our new Virtual Dojo feature at SDC Greater Boston Virtual Dogo


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