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The Anatomy of A Street Fight

 The Street Fight


So, you are walking along the street at night, just minding your own business, as you always do, and out of nowhere steps a brute in front of you. Standing squared off and blocking your path. What do you do?

There is NO DOUBT that the proverbial Poop is Gonna Hit the Fan and that it might not end well. After all, the “Goon” in front of you is bigger and looks to be much stronger than you. But, that is not the real concern.

You see the “bad guy” has a plan. He has the attack figured out, he has planned the place, the time, and the proposed outcome in his head, the only detail that remains to be figured out is the victim. And today just happens to be your UNLUCKY DAY (or does it?)

What he does not know is that you have prepared and trained for this exact scenario over and over again, you signed up for courses and studied at the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY of GREATER BOSTON.

You have studied both in the club and spent countless hours online in the virtual Dojo playing the different scenarios over and over in your mind practicing and beating your punching bag into submission. And now it is show time.

You have some decisions to make.

  1. Do you turn and run the other way. There is nothing wrong with avoiding a potential conflict, but that may not be practical.
  2. Do you stand your ground and wait for the attacker to attack, taking up your handy dandy Kung Foo stance?   -OR-
  3. Do you take the offensive and take the attack to the attacker, most likely taking him off guard. Hitting him with everything in your arsenal.

The fact is that the average street fight lasts for only 3-8 seconds, it isn’t the 5-minute street fight scenes choreographed in movies Hollywood Style. as a matter of fact, it is pretty much down and dirty.

Now I don’t know about you but I know the best plan of action if choice one is not an option is to skip right over option two and get down to option three. It is time for you to lay the smackdown on your attacker, and to do it before he does it to you.

If the attacker attempts to grab you, whether it is your wrist, your arm, your collar, that is just the pre-attack attack. That grab is going to be followed up with some violence in the form of a punch being thrown, a headbutt delivered, or a kick coming your way. So breaking away from the grab as is taught in most conventional martial arts is of the least concern. What is most important is preventing the imminent attack (the punch, headbutt, or kick) in the first place.

How can you prevent that? Well if it’s going to go down, then why not take the role of the aggressor? Punch Stop, Stomp, Chop, Chop, Tiger Claw, Grab, Eye Gouge, Bite, whatever it takes to thwart your attacker. You see an attacker is most likely not willing to get hurt them self, They picked you because they thought they could overpower or control you.

The facts are really quite simple the attacker doesn’t think you will leave him in a bloody mess on the pavement, he surely doesn’t want to be caught or identified.




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