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Tactical Pen Self Defense

Tactical Pen Self Defense

Let me start off by saying although tactical pens are a great tool, not to mention if you are in the habit of carrying one that you always have a pen handy, but they are not enough alone. while attempting to use a tactical pen self defense you must realize that there are certain limitations.

But I will cover the disadvantages further on in this review.

But tactical pens self defense does have a few advantages the first and foremost advantage is the ability to carry this “pen” with you on an airplane. Yes, tactical pens will pass by TSA check points and security checkpoints. 

Tactical Pens and TSA

Passing through most forms of security including TSA airport checkpoints is not an easy task if you are inclined to be the sort that carries certain items. Heck they limit all sorts of things. I recently had to go into court with my wife for a hearing where she needed to testify and of course had to go through the security check point which meant having to empty the pockets onto the table and being scanned. Well as the security guard scanned through my pocket content there on the table he simply looked down and said, “hey nice pen” but in my hands that pen is a deadly weapon, yet it was allowed through the checkpoint why? Because it is a pen.

So let’s take a look at some of the common things that will not make it by a TSA checkpoint.


For starters, you cannot bring with you either on your person, or in your carry on luggage a a firearm of any sort, not even a toy gun, a pellet or bb gun, or even parts of a gun. You also cannot carry ammunition in your carry on bag. The reasoning for this should be understood. Although you can carry a holster, just not anything to go into it. Firearms can of course be packed in your checked luggage but they must be unloaded and in a locked hard case, and such items must be disclosed to the airline. Different airlines have different rules so check ahead just to be on the safe side. Now of course guns are a no-brainer as far as an item that cannot go through TSA or for that matter any other security checkpoint, but let’s look at some more NO-NO’s.

Common Items That Could Be Considered As Weapons

Even though each item on the following list has a real purpose as far as going through TSA or any other checkpoint they are not viewed as their intended use but are viewed as potential weapons as they can easily be used as such. 

  • Axes and Hatchets although great for chopping and cutting down trees not practical on an airplane.
  • Baseball Bats unless you are planning to play baseball on the plane you might want to check this with your checked luggage.
  • Bear Spray or Pepper Spray I don’t know about you but I have never seen a grizzly on an airplane
  • Billy Clubs & Blackjacks well these items really don’t have another use other than as a weapon so sort of a no brainer here.
  • Blasting Caps anything that you could possibly ignite to blow up a plane is a No-No
  • Bows and Arrows yah these fall into the weapons category
  • Box Cutters if you don’t know the story, this is what the hijackers on 9-11 used in the most horrific terrorist attacks in US history.
  • Butane is highly flamable and cannot be carried on a plane, and probably not the smartest thing to put in your checked bags either.
  • Canoe or Kayak Paddles unless you are planning on white water rafting at 60,000 feet leave these items at home
  • Cast Iron Cookware I don’t know anyone who is gonna cook dinner flying across the USA or beyond and heck knocking someone off the skull with a frying pan wouldn’t tickle
  • Cattle Prods a truly shocking experience

    Now in order to expedite the rest of the list I am just going to do some good old fashioned grouping.

  • Chlorine for Pools or Spas, C02 Cartridges, Cooking Spray
  • Crowbars, Darts, Drills and Drill Bits, Dynamite or Other Explosives
  • Any Type of Fuel Engine, Any Fuel Operated Tool(s)
  • Fertilizer, Fire Extinguishers, Firecrackers or Fireworks, Any Flamable Liquid
  • Golf Clubs, Gel Heating Pad
  • Hiking Poles, Hockey Sticks, Ice Pick or Ice Axe
  • Knives, Kubatons (another one of my favorite self defense tools)
  • Lacrosse Sticks, Lighter Fluid
  • A Magic 8 Ball (yup even this toy is banned from airplanes), Mallets, Martial Arts Weapons
  • Meat Cleavers, Medical Marijuana (although legal in many areas of the country today it is still a federal offense)
  • Nail Guns, Night Sticks & Nunchucks, Party Poppers, Pocket Knives, Pool Cue Stick, Razor Blades
  • Sabers, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (they were blowing up everywehre a couple years ago), Screwdrivers (longer than 7 inches), Shoe or Snow Spikes or Snow Cleats, Ski Poles, Slingshots, Sparklers or Flairs, Spear Guns,
  • Spray Paints, Spray Starch, Strike Anywhere Matches, Stun Guns or Shocking Devices, Swiss Army Knives
  • Real or Fake Swords, Tear Gas, Tent Spikes or Poles, Throwing Stars (another of my favorite toys), 
  • Turpentine or Paint Thinner, Vehicle Airbags, Walking Sticks (Does not include canes but check special requirement)

Oh and one more thing that you may or may not believe, as I prepared to board a plane in Las Vegas, Nevada heading back home to Boston I had just bought a bottle of soda, yup 20 oz of Soda, and as I approached the TSA check point I was told that I could not go through the screening with the bottle of soda. Who were they worried about me killing with my bottle of root beer? But a true story.

This list above is believed to be complete but if you have a doubt or a question you might want to refer to the TSA website.

But, notice one thing that does not appear on the list is the Tactical Pen. I know from personal experience that you can in fact carry them through TSA checkpoints as I have personally done so.

Tactical Pens Review

As I stated earlier on the tactical pen self defense can be very effective but limited. Unless of course you are jabbing the pen into the neck or the face, or even the ear of an attacker, all of which could do some pretty bad damage, as most of the tactical pens are made of stainless steel or aircraft aluminum, and most of them have a glass breaking tip on the end, but myself personally I find that (unless I was forced to break glass as a draw back to the pen, myslef I would prefer a pen with a flat or rounded cover on the end so that as I gripped the pen I would have a smooth surface to use the pen as an ice pick type weapon. Allowing me to effectively use is as a spike.

The Best Tactical Pen Review

We have just brought in a shipment of tactical pens from our supplier and are awaiting more to arrive any day. But we offer these pens to our readers at a substantial discount. These pens normally sell for $19.95 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling, but because we were able to get such a great deal from our suppliers we are able to offer them to you for $9.95 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling. We currently have the gold color in stock in limited supply and the black pens are enroute.

You can order your pens by simply emailing me directly at and inquiring on inventory and we will confirm your order and bill you by PayPal.

So why not order your Tactical Pen TODAY

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WOW! Thanks for the informative list, I never knew all the things that TSA would disallow. I especially found the story of the Root Beer comical, who would have thought? But I will be emailing you and ordering a Black and a Gold Pen. I love little such toys.


Just got our shipment in Rick, so just let me know what you need and we will get it right out to you.


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