Self Defense Company of Greater Boston

Self Defense Training System (SDTS)

Self Defense Company of Greater Boston Offering the Self Defense Training System (SDTS)


The Self Defense Training System is the most comprehensive train at home Combat Conditioning program in existence today. This system hardwires the most basic and effective Core Combat Skills into your subconscious so that in an emergency fight or flight situation you are able to defend yourself against almost any attacker.

This system has been adopted from the military close combat techniques that have been passed down, taught, and used by government operatives.

This elite system will take you step by step through each and every step that will allow the training to kick in automatically when you find yourself in a threatening situation, and because they have been ingrained into your subconscious the reaction is instantaneous. No need to think about, if he does this then I will counter with that.

It doesn’t matter if you spend countless hours in the gym every day, or haven’t worked out in years.

The Self Defense Training System Features:

>  Over 600 on demand, step-by-step video lessons and drills
>  24-7 live coaching from certified instructors and members 
>  The ability to learn on your own, with or without a partner
>  Convenient access from any device, anywhere, any time
No matter your age, size, background, current shape or whether you’re a Man or a Woman, we’ve seen new members self defense skills increase exponentially after 30 days simply by following the step by step process, giving you an unshakeable confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got it handled when sh** hits the fan.

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