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Self Defense Company World Leader in Close Combat Training

The World Leader in Close Combat Training

The Self Defense Company through its various independent training facilities is proud to bring Close Combat Training to its members and customers. We have studied and designed a system of true self-defense techniques that can be applied in a variety of attack situations. The true object of self-defense is to defend yourself or loved ones in this crazy world we live in. It is not a question of how or why you might be attacked, but when the proverbial SHTF you have two choices.

  1. Train and be prepared because the life you save could very well be your own or that of a loved one.
  2. Get your butt handed to you or even worse end up in the hospital emergency room or a body bag.

Now I haven’t stated that to scare you, nothing could be further from the truth, but to enlighten you as to the fact that there is an alternative to option 2. You need not spend thousands of dollars and countless hours in a gym or a dojo to train in the most complete bare bones self-defense techniques available today.

There is a certain air of confidence in your step when you know that you are prepared to defend yourself in a situation and that air alone is enough to prevent an attacker from attacking. Not always of course but people who are likely to attack another often look for more vulnerable targets, because the three things that an attacker does not want is to tangle with someone who might possibly kick their butt, the second is that they don’t want to be identified, and they don’t want to get caught. If you can mount a offensive defense then they are more than likely going to look for an easier target.

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