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Self Defense Company is NO JOKE.

In this short video, Daniel Neddo one of the instructors for the Self Defense Company goes over a quick lesson with Elishah Oesch of the FOX 28 Morning Show.

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Hear what experts, police, soldiers,, and citizens are saying about the Self Defense Training System

I use this to stay alive and in my humble opinion, there’s nothing better. -Detective John M. Landry

Damian Ross is the real deal. I checked out his program The Self Defense Training System and was blown away. -Pat Campbell Radio Talk Show Host KFAQ Tulsa

As a single mom, I probably have to depend more on this than most – I can’t tell you how valuable my Elite Membership has been. – Jenna Noel

We started using this system in our SWAT and have STOPPED training in brazilian jiu jitsu and boxing… now things just got A LOT better. – Alexandre Beraldi, Polícia Federal, Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paulo

This is a “NO B.S.” system of self-defense where you learn how to stop threats to your personal safety when “referees, rules, belts, weight classes and tapping out” is NOT an option. Train to be a COMBATANT, not a competitor! Always remember to train for the purpose. – James W. Moncherry, Tactical Instructor

I am currently a 4th degree Black Belt in Karate and I’m totally impressed with the Elite Membership. Actually impressed is an understatement. – Tom Quattlebaum

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