Self Defense Company of Greater Boston

Live Training Seminars

Here at the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston we offer live training seminars on a variety of subjects.

It is my personal feeling that the best way to build my business is to deliver to my students more than value than they ever bargained for, and that is what the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston is all about.

I look forward to meeting you at some time in the future for one of our training sessions.

Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D

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2 comments on “Live Training Seminars

Michael C

Dr. Carl
I have done some research on different forms of self-defense and then came across your website as it was referred to me by a friend, very impressive and wishing you the best of luck in the new location, you will do great I am sure once people see what true self-defense is all about.

Mike K


Hey Mike,
Glad you were able to find us and that your friend pointed you in our direction.
I look forward to the opportunity to meet and train with you in the future.
By chance have you had a chance to download our e-book “DEFEND DISARM DEFEAT…Simple Steps to Surviving An Assault” yet
It is a great read and you can get your copy at
Dr. Carl


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