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Gee, Mr. Assailant, I’ve Got a Surprise For You…

“Never and I mean NEVER go into any situation without a tactical edge and arming yourself with a little NASTY surprise may mean the difference between going home, and going to the morgue.” 
– Damian Ross, The Self Defense Company

You never know when the Shit is Gonna Hit the Fan, and being prepared is the best defense, so, in this article we are going to discuss being armed. Now, before all the GUN GRABBERS attack. Save your breath, cuz you are screaming to Deaf Ears here.

Now of course you are entitled to your opinion, but this is MY PAGE, whereby the only opinion that really matters here is MINE.

Let’s get something straight from the get-go shall we? I am a licensed gun safety instructor, and teach people about RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP, but you may be surprised to know that as a rule I do not carry a concealed handgun on my person. Don’t get me wrong, a handgun in properly trained hands can be an effective fight ender, but there are certain problems that exist with using a firearm in self-defense. The primary problem of course being the assumption of guilt before innocence which runs rampant in our backwards society.

Now on the other end of the spectrum as a Self Defense Company instructor, I would much rather teach my students how they can end a conflict, or if the need truly be another’s life in a self-defense situation with their bare hands or an improvised weapon.

Of course our students are always taught means by which to avoid such an action as a first response, but to try to avoid the conflict in the first place. But if an attacker decides to attack, then as the victim of that attack you have to be ready, willing, and able to end the conflict by any means possible as quickly as possible. And if that means your assailant is left on the ground in a bloody mess, then I guess he just picked the wrong person to mess with.

So, now let’s talk about a few of my favorite improvised weapon ideas. You see a old favorite was always the brass knuckles, now if you punch some idiot in the head with a pair or knuckles on you can be pretty sure of inflicting some damage. the problem with the knuckles in some places they are actually illegal (now illegal means you can’t own or carry them on your person) but they can of course be bought online, not that I would ever recommend such a thing).

But, we are currently sourcing for our readers a viable alternative in the form of a hard plastic knuckle which would fall into what I call a legal gray area, as they are not metal and therefore not brass knuckles. These are expected to be available within a few weeks and at a very reasonable cost. If interested why not email me for more information and we will keep you informed when they arrive.

Hard Plastic Knuckles… Coming Soon

So if you happen to live in such a state as Massachusetts or another such state where the Brass Knuckles are illegal then these plastic knucks might be a great alternative.

Now the next handy little tool I would like to share with you is the Stinger Key Chain. Again constructed of hard plastic it is an awesome self-defense tool designed to be carried and always accessible when you need it most. These have been battle tested by my instructor team and they can surely take a licking and keep on ticking. We now have these in stock and ready to ship by USPS First Class Mail and at a bargain price of $9.95 + $4.95 Shipping and Handling. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with this little gadget I now give one as my gift to all the women that sign up for my Girls Night Out Self Defense Seminars. And you too can get yours delivered right to your door anywhere in the United States for $14.90 all inclusive. You can email me at DrCarl@SDCBoston and simply tell me you want to order the STINGER Keychain and I will invoice you by Paypal and ship the item within 24 hours.

Stinger Keychain… The Surprising End to A Bad Decision By An Attacker

The next little trick I want to share is the Loaded Glove. Now this one is quite simple to make all by yourself, and all it requires is a pair of soft leather work gloves and two rolls of nickels. So, for under $13.00 you can make yourself an awesome self-defense tool. Simply take the two rolls of nickels, wrap them top to bottom with clear scotch tape to prevent them from busting open on impact and slide the two nickel rolls in the second and third fingers of one of the gloves. Now of course if you are trying to bring this through TSA for air travel you want to not have the glove loaded until you are safely through the check-in process. But for normal everyday carry simply slide the gloves into the back pocket of your jeans and if confronted by an attacker simply grab the gloves by the bottom edge and challenge that sucker to a duel. Smack him across the face with all your might and I can assure you of one thing, you are either going to knock him out, or knock out a couple of teeth in the process, most likely giving you an opportunity to make your exit, and if not keep swinging away.

MCR Safety
Durable Cowhide Leather Work Gloves
Available at Home Depot for $8.37

Realize that anything that you can put your hands on can be used as a weapon to ward off an attacker, you just need to think of it in that sense. Once you are able to adapt that mindset, well for your unfortunate attacker it is either lights out or game over. Oh well, sucks to be them huh?

Until next time this is Dr. Carl signing off.

Peace and Love for all mankind, except those who made the piss poor decision of trying to force their evil intentions upon you.

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