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FREE Family Safe Program Seminars for Schools and Churches


FREE Family Safe Program for Schools and Churches

Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D. is pleased to announce that his company will offer free Family Safe Program Seminars to both schools and churches. This basic seminar is designed to give both parents and children a basic awareness of Family Safety. Although not all information can be covered in a single seminar the company does offer a comprehensive online program That will allow parents to give their children a concrete plan of action when separated on vacation, at the mall or on a class trip. Through the technique of “mind-setting”, your family will learn in just minutes, what a lifetime of martial arts training can not provide..STREET SMARTS.

So, what is all the hype about?

A Few Words from Dr. Welliver on Family Safety

From: Dr Carl Welliver – Director of The Self Defense Company of Greater Boston

RE: The Family Safe Self Defense Starter Program
Dear Fellow Protector,
Let’s face it, the world we live in right now is an unsure and sometimes dangerous place to live.
As a husband, a father of two adult children, and two incredible grandkids, I know firsthand the importance of teaching my family (especially the grandkids) the practical skills and action steps that they can take in a moment of crisis.
Because they spend so much time, away from home, knowing that they are empowered and can recognize threatening situations allows us to rest easy…
Although you and I pray to God that nothing would ever happen, in an ever-changing, dangerous world, that’s impossible to say with dead-on certainty.
Of course, I realize that most parents and school teachers teach children about stranger safety, yet the time that can be devoted to each child often stretches the resources, and is extremely limited and leaves out the most vital, important signs that every child needs to know.
I imagine that there was at least one instance that you can recall from your own childhood that if you had made a different decision that a situation could have ended up a whole lot worse than it did. Our company founder Damian Ross relates his story as follows: 
“I remember once when I was in 4th grade and a car full of adults pulled up next to me and my friends, asking us if we needed a ride. Me, being the consummate wise-ass, ended up yelling “F&CK NO!” and we all ran to school.” 
He continues on to say, “Yet, when I came home I didn’t tell my parents. Because I was scared of getting in trouble for swearing at an adult. And that’s why it’s important for us as adults to open up the communication about the dangers of the real world.”
Of course, we don’t want to scare our kids or have them living in constant fear, but they WILL BE EXPOSED to situations in their everyday lives. I hate to say it but the world out there isn’t getting any better, and the violence is here to stay. So we can accept that simple fact and do all that we can to prepare ourselves and our children or we can turn a blind eye to it and WHEN something does go wrong plead ignorance.  What we do want to do of course is to make them aware.
So much is said about situational awareness and that awareness should be taught to our youngsters at a very young age, so it becomes part of their life.
One of the unfortunate things I see all the time is the young girl out for a jog, by herself, and what are they doing? Listening to their music on the earbuds. At that moment they are totally unaware of everything else that is going on around them. And that is a very dangerous situation to put themselves in. Now of course when we discuss that situation I always hear some excuse of the music helps them keep their rhythm while they are running, but once I point out the just how dangerous it is they see the light.
This whole course is all about empowering our children to be able to easily identify compromising situations and develop the skill sets and mindsets to find safety. And all it takes is a few conversations, teaching them our system and practicing it with them from time to time.
It is very unfortunate that they won’t teach your children these skills at the local dojo or Martial Arts school, you can count on that. So whose responsibility is it then? 
And we unconditionally guarantee that this is the best program of its kind and back that with our 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
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