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First “Girl’s Night Out Self Defense Class” Was a HUGE Success

The SELF DEFENSE COMPANY of GREATER BOSTON hosted its first “Girl’s Night Out Self Defense Training Class” on Thursday, January 17 evening and it was met with enthusiasm from all the ladies that attended.

It was an enjoyable night of teaching and learning which started off with a round-table discussion highlighting situational awareness and various self defense techniques that could help a woman convince an attacker that he had picked the wrong mark.

The class size was limited in order to work through and evaluate the new curriculum and give all the women who attended the personal attention that they deserved.

Overall the night was a huge success, and this particular curriculum will become a stable in the SDC-Greater Boston repertoire.

But, what did some of the women attending have to say?

“Thank you though! I honestly thought the class was GREAT! It was very informative and enjoyable! I want every girl I know to take it someday!”

                -Alison P, Winchester, MA

“GREAT class, great instruction and very informative! So glad I came! Thank you for the invite! Let me know when the next one is!!”

                -Maureen B, Lynn, MA

“I enjoyed it. And you did very well. I knew you would, but it was nice to see the proof. Your stories were interesting, and it was informative. Thanks for having us.”

                -Kaitlin C, Winchester, MA

“Had fun.”

                -Rose P, Medford, MA

“Thank u Carl Welliver for the information on basic self-defense in close quarter combat. Look forward to the next one… You’re an amazing teacher.”

                -Ashanti F., Arlington , MA

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2 comments on “First “Girl’s Night Out Self Defense Class” Was a HUGE Success


wish I could have made it to this training. I personally know Dr. Carl and he is a passionate teacher and from the comments, I know he hit this one out of the park. I will surely make it to the next one.


No probelm Jen, we are working on the upcoming schedule and will keep you posted would be nice to see you there.


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