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Dr. Carl Promoted to Level 5 SELF DEFENSE COMPANY Instructor

Stoneham, Massachusetts
December 19, 2018

Dr. Carl Welliver and Nick Palumbo instructors at the Self Defense Company were today awarded with new rankings. There are six levels of Instructors in the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY with rankings of Probationary then Levels 1 through Level 5.

Level 5 Instructor Badge

All the various levels within the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY instructor training require the instructor to exhibit their skill and understanding of the training and teaching concepts of our close combative self defense training system to a senior instructor or mentor.

George Hutchings the Director of Instructor Development for the Self Defense Company is quoted as saying about the promotions, “just wanted to congratulate @Carl Welliver for achieving level 5 and @Nick Palumbo for achieving level 4. These guys have studied hard and shown a great grasp of the SDC content. Good job gentlemen.”

With each Level the instructors competence and abilities grow and expand into the various techniques and methodologies that we teach in the world of true self-defense.

We want to congratulate both Dr. Carl Welliver and Nick Palumbo on their continued success and advancement.

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