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Dr. Carl Announces the Campus Safety Initiative

Dr. Carl Welliver of the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston Announces the Release of the Campus Safety Initiative.

Keeping yourself safe on and around campus should be one of your top priorities.


As countless students every year prepare to leave their homes and families behind, and head off to the hallowed halls of college or university one of the last things on their minds is their personal safety. They are wrapped up in the experience and often ignore such things as situational awareness.

Although this Campus Safety Initiative is more geared toward young women, there is also plenty of useful information for their male counterparts as well.

The start of college life can an should be an exciting time for them, but it can also present many unexpected challenges and problems along the way for the unsuspecting.

The course of study is laid out in semester format covering eight individual semesters. And carefully takes the student through some of the challenges they will have to deal with regarding their personal safety and situational awareness.

This course is not for the weak at heart however because as the course evolves Dr. Welliver will begin to introduce the student to some extremely effective close combat self-defense techniques in the Self Defense Company’s Training System.

This system is the barebones, no-nonsense, approach to self-defense.

If you have ever studied Martial Arts (and believe me when I say this) I have all the respect in the world for Martial Artists and those who study and teach it. But any variation of the martial arts is a sport, and in sports we have rules. Those rules are put in place to protect the competitors.

In the real world, there are no rules, and you have to be willing to go deep down to the darkest depths of your inner being and resort to things that you probably care not talk about, but when confronted with an attacker or assailant whose only objective is to do you harm. You may well be in a fight for your life. This is what close combat self-defense is all about. And it is this close combat that we will be discussing throughout the Campus Safety Initiative

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