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Close Combat Fighting

What Exactly is Close Combat Fighting?

There is so much written about the Martial Arts and self-defense. But there is only one true form of self-deffense, and that is close combat fighting. Other than that all forms of martial arts are actually sports in comparrison. But, true self-defense is the kill or be killed reality of real life street fighting.

The SELF DEFENSE COMPANY OF GREATER BOSTON Specializes in Close Combat Fighting Training

It is our belief that close combat fighting is not a sport but the difference between survival and ending up in a body bag. The attacker on the street has a plan, and if that plan is targetted at you as a victim you have two choices. You can either get your head kicked in or you can fight with everything in you to survive.

Where Did Close Combat Fighting Come From?

There are two men that were instrumental in introducing the concept of close combat fighting to the world. The first was William Ewart Fairbairn. Fairbairn was a British Royal Marine and police officer. He was charged with developing the hand-to-hand combat methods used by the Shanghai Police during the interwar period, as well as for the allied special forces during World War II. In the development of his form of close combat fighting he created his own fighting system known as Defendu. This included innovative pistol shooting techniques and the development of the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife. It is believed that he was a possible inspiration for Q branch in James Bond.

The second man was Dermott “Pat” O’Neill who was a protege of Fairbarin, O’Neill is also known as the father of all modern military/police combatives training. He received orders while stationed in Australia to report to the USA and to the OSS to train secret agents in the fighting tactics they created in the Shanghai Municipal Police SMP. Once in the USA O’Neill was redirected to the First Special Service Force (FSSF) or better known as “The Devil’s Brigade” a Canadian/USA commando unit that would become our Special Forces Forbears and a unit Churchill would say, ‘was the most feared commando unit of the war’. O’Neill was a seasoned fighter and proficient in many martial arts, most notably Judo, where he earned a 5th degree Black Belt.

These two men were single handedly responsible for taking the sport out of what we know as the martial arts and tking all the good sportmanship out of the technique and leaving just the fight ending tactics that we now know as close combat fighting.

The Elite Self Defense Training System

Our system was adapted by founder of the Self Defense Company Damian Ross. Mr. Ross of course did not create the system but perfected his own methods of teching the system and has trained some of the baddest guys on the planet in these techniques. The foundation of the Self Defense Company is their training system that is set up in modular training format and is now being taught worldwide by company instructors. That training is followed up with memberships in the Elite Training Program which consists of over 600 video lessons starting with the basics and advancing you through to a level of understanding that you don’t need years of martial arts training to be able to defend yourself and protect your loved ones.

My Gift to You TODAY! 30 Days of Elite Training for FREE!

As I mentioned our premium level of membership is the Elite Membership and you can take advantage of this simply by clicking the ELITE badge below.

Your Elite Membership includes

  • SDTS Module 1 Essential Self Defense $167 value
  • SDTS Module 2 Advanced Strikes $167 value
  • SDTS Module 3 Ground Fighting $167 value
  • SDTS Module 4 Defense vs Grabs $167 value
  • SDTS Module Escape and Evasion $167 value
  • SDTS Module 6 Body Conditioning $167 value
  • SDTS Module 7 Combat PT $167 value
  • SDTS Module 8 Weapon Defense $167 value
  • SDTS Module 9 Weapon Offensive Tactics $167 value
  • SDTS Module 10 Combat Takedowns $167 value
  • SDTS Module 11 Old School Weapons $197 value
  • SDTS Module 12 Quick Kills $220 value
  • 60 Minute Self Defense $59.00 value
  • Guardian Weapon Retention $59.00 value
  • Reality Check $59.00 value
  • Guardian Police Combatives $197.00 value
  • Protector: CSI $97.00 value
  • Combat Jujutsu $197.00 value
  • Combat AR $97.00 value
  • Core Combat Training $197.00 value
  • Family Safe $59.00 value
  • The Vault: Ground Fighting $97.00 value
  • The Vault: Advanced Street Fighting $97.00 value
  • The Vault: Defense Against Grabs $97.00 value
  • The Vault: Bare Knuckle Boxing: $97.00 value
  • Self Defense Company Library $200.00 value
  • 24-7 Coaching and Support $97.00 per month value
  • Operation Phoenix $1,900 value




Dr. Carl Welliver – Adminsitrator & Instructor
38 Montvale Ave. Suite 205
Stoneham, MA 02180

We offer one on one private or semi private instruction, group instruction and seminars.

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Were is training located


The training location is located in Stoneham, MA, but we are also getting ready to launch our new online training portal.


Lawrence we have opened up our training facility here in Stoneham, MA at 38 Montvale Ave. We conduct private, semi-private, and group lessons as well as training seminars. And we have also opened up our Virtual Dojo for training online so people can learn from anywhere they have camera and high speed internet access. With training packages starting at less than the cup of morning coffee.


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