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An Open Letter to Parents and Grandparents About Family Safety

Dear Fellow Protector,

Let’s face it, the world we live in right now is more dangerous than ever.

As a Father and a Grandfather, I know firsthand the importance of teaching my children and grandchildren the practical skills and action steps they can take in a moment of crisis. That moment when the decisions that they make can be the difference between living and dying. That moment when the shit hits the fan.

The reality is that our children nowadays spend as much time, if not more outside of our homes woouldn’t you feel so much better knowing that they are empowered and can recognize threatening situations? This peace of mind allows me and my wife to rest easy at night knowing that we have taughught our children well…

Now of course we all pray that nothing bad will never happen, but in this ever-changing, dangerous world we now live in, that’s impossible to say with certainty. If you don’t believe me, listen to your nightly news. 

Here is a startling statistic for you to ponder, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (citing U.S. Department of Justice reports), nearly 800,000 children are reported missing each year. That’s more than 2,000 a day, and what could be done about this? 

That is the reason that we created the Family Safe Program here at the Self Defense Company

Family Safe

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Now we do understand that most parents and schoolteachers teach children about stranger safety and although that is important it is extremely limited and leaves out the most vital, important signs every child needs to know. The signs that we teach in our Family Safe Program here at the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston.

Seriously, think back with me for a moment to your own childhood. We’ve all experienced threats in our youth before, and I remember once, I had gone to drop off a family friend with my mother, I was probably about 7 or 8 years old at the time. We had gotten out of the car and all of a sudden, out of nowhere a drunk attacked me from behind, as a matter of fact my mom bravely beat him senseless with her purse, but not before I had hit the pavement. I am sure that you may have experienced a similar creepy instance when you were younger, maybe not quite so violent however. But had mom and her 25 pound pocketbook (Ok maybe it wasn’t 25 pounds but it sure seemed like it to me everytime she told me to grab it for her) had not been there to come to my rescue God only knows what might have happened.

But it is this memory and our Family Safe Program that we are currently offering for a substantial discount right now that has caused me to write this letter to you today. 

That is why it is so very important for us as adults to open up the communication about the dangers of the real world and discuss them with our children and grandchildren…

Because our kids will be exposed to it in other people’s homes, at schools and in their daily life and will be exposed to it each and every day.

Violence is here to stay and is a fabric of the world we live in, whether we choose to accept it or not.

Of course we don’t want to teach this material in a way as to scare our kids or have them live in fear, but quite the opposite…

It is our intention to empower them to be able to easily identify compromising situations and develop the skillsets and mindsets to find safety.

And the best part of all is that all it takes is a few conversations, teaching them our system and practicing from time to time with them so as to reinforce the learned behavior.

The sad part is that they won’t teach your children at the local dojo or Martial Arts school, you can count on that.

We also offer FREE Seminars for local Elementary schools and church groups on this subject, so for more information about these seminars please feel free to contact me by email at

So, What Are You Waiting For? Grab Your 67% Discount NOW on FAMILY SAFE

Here is to your Family’s Safety,

Dr. Carl Welliver, Ph.D.
Level-5 Instructor
Self Defense Company of Greater Boston
38 Montvale Ave * Suite 205
Stoneham, MA 02180

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2 comments on “An Open Letter to Parents and Grandparents About Family Safety

Mike Jackson

Just signed up for this program…

One word to describe it… AWESOME


Thanks Mike… Having a 5 year old granddaughter myself makes this particular program one of my personal favorites to teach. Glad you are enjoying it.


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