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An Introduction to 60 Minute Self Defense Classes

One question that I am often asked is, “gee there is so much information to go through in the Self Defense Training System, where should I begin?”

Well, the answer to that is a simple one. The 60 Minute Self Defense Classes Training Course. I highly recommend this course because it covers many of the basics that any person desiring to learn close-combat self-defense would want to add to their arsenal.

This particular course is designed to be taught over seven modules:

1- Threat Identification Avoidance and Technology
Drill 1: Cell Phone: Create Space Call for Help
Drill 2: Pepper Spray
Drill 3: Personal Alarm
Drill 4: Escape and Evasion Multiple Attackers

2- Empty Hand Techniques and Threat Identification
Drill 5: Empty Hand Combination from Standing Position
Blade, Finger Dart, Whip Kick
Blade, Finger Dart Whip Kick, Pepper Spray

3-Empty Hand vs. Multiple Attackers
Drill 6: Multiple attackers at long range

4- Single Hand Assaults (grabs)
Short and Long Edge of hand, Chin Jab (Combination – Finger Dart, Whip Kick, Edge of Hand, Pepper Spray – ESCAPE)
Drill 7: Close Proximity
Elbow Spike, Edge of hand
Reeling Elbows
Reeling Elbows Multiple Attackers
Drill 8 Single Hand Grab
All the same thing

5- Defense against Grabs and Holds
Drill 9: Double Hand Grabs
Double Wrist
Double Lapel
Front Choke
Drill 10: Bear Hug Arms Trapped
Front Assault
Rear Assault

6- Knocked Down
Drill 11: Break Falls for the Street (Rear and Front)
Drill 12: Prone vs Standing (far)
Drill 13: Prone vs Standing (stomping distance)

7- On the Ground
Drill 14 – Bits and Pieces – Escape from the bottom
Mount – bottom position
Reverse Japanese Strangle

This course is the Flagship course here within the Self Defense Company of Greater Boston and we highly recommend that all of our students start their journey here.

You can learn all about this program at 60 MINUTE SELF DEFENSE
and when you are ready to begin your training either online in our
Virtual Dojo or in person with us here at our training facility in Stoneham, MA

In person Instruction at our Stoneham, MA facility

Group Training $199.00 (2 classes a week for 4 weeks)
Private Instruction 7 Sessions as per agreed schedule $400.00

Email for more info.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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