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Why Should You Train the SDTS Way?

So much has been written about Self-Defense and the various systems that are being taught worldwide. And as a teaching professional I have read much of it. As I studied various writings and evaluated them I came to a realization, not all self-defense systems were created equally.

There were many choices available to me when I began my search for the best system out there. And I have said it over and over again. I have all the respect in the world for the teachers and masters in other systems, because I know what it takes to work your way through such ranking systems. And it takes time, devotion, and money.

Now, each system has its pros and cons. But why did I personally choose the Self Defense Training System to personally train in and become and instructor in?

Well, simply put, because in my opinion is far exceeds all other forms of sport martial arts. Now I don’t say this to engage in discussion with others. It is merely my personal opinion.

Here at the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY of GREATER BOSTON we specialize in teaching the core concepts of close combat self-defense. By simply applying a handful of gross motor skills movements, we can teach you how to defend yourself even against a larger and more determined opponent. And we can teach you that foundation in a matter of hours NOT years.

In the street there are no complex choreographed moves to remember. These moves can take years to master, and at what cost? A person hoping to achieve Black Belt status in any form of martial art can expect to spend the next few years of their lives in training, sometimes 3-4 times per week. But in our society today, who has that kind of time or dedication. Heck, life is busy. There is work, home, family, socialization, etc. all these things eat hours of our days. It is hard enough just to find time to fit it all in.

Realizing that the martial arts have taken on a new objective in today’s world, that objective being to keep you training, keep you coming back to the Dojo month after month, keep you digging into your pocket and separating you from your hard earned cash. That is unfortunately the way these schools stay in business. Now of course there is a value added in that respect, and I would never minimize that. As long as you are dealing with a good school and a good instructor, you can learn much about the art.

But, if your school is nothing more than a promotion mill this is where I have a problem with the concept. A lot of schools promote not on skill alone but on length of membership. So, the longer you remain a member the higher you advance in rank.

I remember when I first started studying Judo as a youngster. It didn’t seem to matter how good you were, how dedicated you were, how proficient you became. All that mattered when it came to promotion time was how long you had been a member of the club.

Rewarding longevity has nothing to do with skill or ability. There were classmates that excelled and then there were the slackers. Now on the mat, I was one who excelled, but I didn’t like the running drills we often endured in our training. I simply was not a good runner, but I was a good tactical fighter on the mat and worked hard at my skill. But come promotion time I got my one rank at a time advances just like did my classmates. Why? To keep me coming back, to keep my parent paying for the training.

Now of course like any self defense training school we do also have ranks, but that ranking is not required. It is however based on your skill and knowledge acquired. As a matter of fact, I stated earlier on that we can teach you in a matter of hours not years the skills necessary to defend yourself in a real-world situation, and that is true. Because when the Shit Hits the Fan and all the complex motor skills are out the window all you have to rely on is the gross motor skills that we teach in our system. But we always need to remember that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. So, that is why we offer ongoing training. We teach classes, we offer private and semi-private lessons both in our club and in our online Virtual Dojo.

It doesn’t matter what you are hoping to accomplish with your training with us. Whether you enroll in one of our Girls Night Out Self Defense Seminars, Our 60 Minute Self Defense Seminars, Our Realtor Safe Seminars, Our Close Combat Training Courses we will always offer you the opportunity to continue your training and offer you the opportunity to enroll in the Self Defense Training System with over 600 lessons on demand available to you where ever you have an Internet connection so that you can build your skills and train at your own pace.

For more information about all the training options available here at the SELF DEFENSE COMPANY of GREATER BOSTON simply email me at

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